Thursday, February 6, 2014

From the Children's Hospital

Cupids for Cancer and Children’s Hospital at Erlanger

The cancer center at Children’s Hospital has many fun things to do while kids wait to get chemotherapy, blood products, and medicine. One of those rooms is our family kitchen.

The family kitchen is a place where kids, siblings, parents or anyone with the patient can go and have a snack. We have everything from chips to popcorn to frozen foods to string cheese and jello. When kids are getting treatment here, they could be here for over 8 hours sometimes. Some kids will come once a week and some kids will come two, three, four or five days a week to see us. When a parent has a sick child they rarely want to leave their side and having the kitchen so close it is a convenient is a blessing.

Kids look forward to coming in and checking out what we have to eat. Many children who are taking chemotherapy or steroids have changes in their taste buds daily or weekly. One day a child may want something spicy, like flaming hot cheetos. Another day, they may want icing covered animal crackers. You just never know!

We are thankful to all the school who will be participating in Cupids for Cancer!

Just remember. We need single serving items! For infection control reasons, we can’t have large bags or boxes of food that kids hands enter in and out of.

Thank you for helping out the kids in your community fighting Childhood Cancer!

Ashley Zani

Child Life Specialist

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