Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Do It For Rachel!

This is Rachel, one of the patients at TC Thompson's Children's Hospital with all of last years' goodies from Dupont Elementary in Chattanooga, TN  (the home of Cupids for Cancer).  We were able to deliver over 1,800 snacks and they filled up an entire stretcher!!  We had prayed that Rachel would be clear and free and enjoying her life as a basketball player.  However, Rachel is back at TC Thompsons for more visits with the oncology staff.

So to Rachel:  We wish you many more basketball games, lots of 3 pointers, stamina, hope, and we send you our love and prayers.  Enjoy the next stretcher full of treats that will be coming your way this month!  We love February around here!!

Dupont Elementary
Red Bank Elementary
East Brainerd Elementary
West View Elementary
Brown International Academy

P.S.  We have schools in Texas, Maryland, and Indiana also participating!

(Note from the webmistress:  If I forgot your name and you are from a school that is participating, please leave it in the comment area below.  I did not forget you on purpose, but, I am watching the trees sway back and forth while we are in a tornado watch and got distracted!)

Have a good day all!

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