Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Get The Ball Rolling!

Love is in the air!

It is time for us to begin collecting snacks for Cupids for Cancer!  Each year we collect healthy snacks for patients at our local pediatric hospital to eat while having radiation or chemotherapy.  Being able to eat while these medical processes are done allows them to grow strong red blood cells which fight the cancer!

We CHALLENGE your school to join us in the 'Battle of the Cupids' to collect the following:
individually wrapped healthy snacks with extended expiration dates as in:  Goldfish, fruit bars, fruit gummies, cheese crackers (no peanut butter), Cheez-Its, 100 calorie snacks, non-refrigerated juice boxes or juice in plastic bottles.

Here is how you can make this fun!  Cupids for Cancer collection dates should be at least 1 week long! We normally do either the week of or week after Valentine's Day at my school.  We have scheduled these events at my school.

Monday--Rockin' My Pink Socks Day

Tuesday-- Paint it Pink (Door Decoration Day--Advertise Cupids for Cancer)

Wednesday--Have a Heart Hat Day (Bring in a snack to wear a hat!)

Thursday--Pink Pal Day--Donate a Snack For a Pal

Friday--Cupid's Dance Celebration  (Any student that has donated 10 snacks or more will be going to celebrate their health!)

If you would like to join us is collecting snacks for your community's children's hospital, please leave us a comment and let us know!  We can add you to our map!  We would love to help you get started and have someone to have some friendly competition with!

Stay tuned for more information!!!


  1. My school in interested in helping with Cupids for Cancer. Our student council would like to get more information. Please contact Holly at hnlayne@sequatchie.k12.tn.us Thanks!

  2. Holly, I am emailing you right now! My email is jennh13@aol.com

  3. We still haven't received an email. Just checking to make sure it didn't get lost in cyberspace. ;) We are so excited to take part in this.